28. Teddy Blink and Bandy Jack

   No 28.   Teddy Blink and Bandy Jack.

One sunday morning early we went to different chapels,
My pal upon his bended knees the ladies yack's1 he grapples;
“Lord grant that we may keep this law,” and while she’s upward looking,
My pal so ready with his paw, their watch chain is unhooking.
                                                       Tol lol de riddle de — &c

He dings2 it to his nearest pal, to brush3 directly after,
The pretty educated lad, first, naps the newest caster;4
Then plac’d him in the nearest pew long side of father gray locks,
He brings the yellow bag5 to view the tooth pick case & snuff box.
                                                            Tol lol — &c.

Now some had lost their pretty rings, and some had lost their lockets,
To rob in Church, Lord, what a sin, cries Jane I’ve lost my pockets;
Poor girl she’d hardly spoke the word when Susan came out bawling.
Say[s] she I’ve lost my black silk cloak and several yards of muslin.
                                                            Tol lol — &c.

Now Teddy Blink and Bandy Jack, they laid their heads together,
If they could do the old codger in black,6 ‘twoul[d] give them mighty pleasure;
He’d blest the congregations round and through the crowd was passing
When Teddy drew aside his gown and Bandy spoke to the Parson.
                                                            Tol lol — &c.

They work’d the church of what would fence,7 which much alarmed the people
For fear they should stone eaters* turn and brush away8 with the Steeple.
                                                                   Tol lol.

*  There was an exhibition at the time of a man who eat stones.

Editor's Notes

1. Yacks = watches

2. dings = throws

3. brush = run off

4. caster = cloak

5. bag = purse

6. codger in black = vicar

7. would fence = could be sold

8. brush away = run off

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There are several extant broadsides of this ballad, including four by Pitts and one by Jennings in the Bodleian. Two further versions can be found in the Cambridge Madden Collection (Reel 4 Frame 2569 and Reel 4 Frame 2988, both Pitts). The Pitts Versions use the title "The Exploits of Teddy Blink and Bandy Jack"

One of the Pitts printings identifies the tune as “The British lion, or Mrs. Casey's hotel”. This tune is also known as Landlady Casey or Mrs Casey's Lament, or just Mrs Casey

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