26. Drunk the Other Night

     No. 26          Drunk the other Night

Drunk the other night as I reeld home to bed, I met a young frow just turn out of her kin,1
    She suddenly seiz'd me, and swore how she’d please me, if I would go with her & give her some Gin,
Her cheeks, look'd so rosy, her eyes look'd so wanton, he[r] waste [sic] so well shap’d & her bubbies so ripe,
    But the gallows young huzzy while I felt her tuzzy, was down with her gropers to unravel my wipe.2

I gave her a topper for making so bold, then the scouts all came up being flash to the rig,3
‘Twas the noise of the rattle that made the whore prattle, so I showd him some cole to bother his wig.4
The scouts all came round me while I seemd amazed, at last one among them he tipp’d me the wink,
It is one of our party, says he, and he’s hearty, so we all bundle'd in to a flash ken to drink.5

To do them a kindness it was my intention, to have a pull on them without more delay6
So without further trouble I tip’d them the double, left the whore & the scouts all the recking to pay.7


Editor's Notes:

1. Frow = prostitute; kin = house

2. wipe = handkerchief

3. topper = blow; scouts = watchmen; flash to the rig = alert to the trick

4. cole = money; 

5. flash ken = a drinking hole 

6. pull on them = advantage over them

7. tip'd them the double = gave them the slip; recking = bill



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