12. Near to Temple Bar, I met a madam

  No. 12.

                      A very popular song was an account of a man
picking up a woman and going home with her, being robd
stripd  &c —   I do not recollect the beginning.

Near to Temple Bar, I met a madam,
She was drest so fine.
She, asked me, to go with her,
To drink a glass or two of wine —
Up an alley we did sally —
Rumh[?] in a ker[?] did Bundle,
Then we had a pleasant shine.

Then follows a description of the place  &c
             and then the catastrophe,

But in the morning when I woke
Oh, what a scene of misery shown.
The Doxy gone and left me naked,
Mizzled off with all my clothes.
Then I called, roared and bawld –
Rap’d the ragged Blanket round me
In that plight then home I goes.

She pok’d she, Itch’d, likewise she rob’d me
‘Nough to make a parson swear.
Young men take warning, night and morning,
Just like me you go a Molling
You the same sad fate may share.

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