09c Tom the Drover or the Brindled Bull (version 1, excised)

        Tom the Drover or the Brindled Bull

It was on Easter Monday, Spring time of the year
Rolling Tom the Drover to Smithfield did repair
His Togs were light and clever, his dogs were staunch and free
With a blue Birds eye round his squeeze, and his garters below his knees.
                                   Ri tol, ide idde idde, & tol–ri tol  &c.

The Blades of the Town were a lurking to turn out a young bridled bull
Turn him back, turn him back,* was the token at his tail they began, for to pull
Till a knowing youn[g] blowen from the Garden happened by chance to come by
Crying, blast you why dont you hox him, you’ll never turn a bull without you try


* When a bullock was selected for a hunt, a shout of turn him back, turn him back, roaring, and whistling through the fingers placed upon the tongue, were always got up, and performed.

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A fuller version of this song appears here, as No. 30 in the collection.

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