09b. Sandman Joe (version 1, excised)

Sandman Joe


Oh the other day as sand-man Joe, up Holborn Hill was jogging
His raw boned steed it scarce could go, but still the dog kept flogging 
His raw boned steed, scarce fit for the crows, half starved to death could scarce go
While Gallows Joe his rump he rub'd and, roaring cried white sand. O.
                        Why here’s you lilly, lilly, lilly, lilly white sand. O.


Scarce far he’d got to sell his sand, ‘twas up a neighbouring alley,
When turning of his head about, Oh, he spied his flash girl Sally.
His brawny hands her bubbies press’d, and roaring cried
Why here’s your lilly, lilly, lilly, lilly white sand. O.


Where shall we go said Sal to Joe to get some gin to warm us?
Why, Blast ye to Saint Giles’s Pound, Oh its there the Gin won’t harm us
His brawny hands    &c


Oh then they went to play the game, the game, the game so well you all know
While Gallows Joe he wag’d his Arse, and roaring cride cried
                Why, heres, your, lil-ly- lil-ly- lil-ly- lil-ly- lil-ly- lil-ly-
                                                         White sand –O.


This used to produce great shouts of applause at the close.
The women, who sund sung it, managing the last line [in a]
two lines in a way that may easily be conceived.

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A fuller version of this song appears here, as No. 23 in the collection. While the fuller version is better for details of the song itself, that version is clearly the product of consultation with a printed version. This version remains of interest for understanding what Place remembered of the song, but the notes on the performance also draws attention to the way the last two lines provided an opportunity for simulated orgasm.

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